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Solar heating power

Solar power is the energy that is produced by the nuclear fusion reactions produced in the sun and it gets to the earth as photons that can be used to produce heat or electricity.

In the case of solar power, the energy is used for heat production. The system used for that is heating a liquid (usually water with an antifreezer) and transmitting this heat to a source of water that will be used as water for consumption or water for heating purposes.

The system is divided into several parts:

  • Capturer: formed by solar panels. They can be flat panels, light tubes or heat pipe systems.

  • Exchanger: Is where the liquid transmits its heat to the water. It can be a heat exchanger or it can be done into the hot water accumulator, where a coil is used to make the exchange process.

  • Regulator: Support system that controls heat production in the panels, temperatures in both circuits and the temperature of the water for consumption.

  • Accumulator: Tank where heated water is stored, it can also be the place where the heat exchange between the two circuits is done.

  • Auxiliaries: it is formed by recirculation pumps, electro valves, mixing valves, steam traps, expansion containers, etc.

  • Support system: Even tough it is not part of the solar energy system, the support system is essential when the system canít provide 100% of consumption. This system can be any type of boiler that works with gas, fuel oil or electricity.

This type of system can be used both in individual households and in buildings. In fact, the Technical code for building (CTE) forces new buildings to have solar support systems for hot water production for sanitation.

Solar power can also be applied to industrial uses, in those cases where big amounts of heated water are needed, or heated water at high temperatures is needed. Facilities can be built in order to match those needs very easily.


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