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FAEPAC - Fundación Axencia Enerxética Provincial da Coruña

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The main objective of the foundation is the improvement and better use of the provincial energetic resources, as well as the sensitisation of local authorities, companies and citizenship about the scarcity of energetic resources.

It has also the following objectives:

  • To foster the rational use of energy, of local energy resources and renewable sources of energy in those sectors producing goods and services SMEs and Industry, collaborating with INEGA and Public Administrations.

  • Promoting diversification, information and the optimal use of renewable energies.

  • Improve energy security.

  • Promote and keep energy savings.

  • Improve the integration of energetic objectives in environmental sectors and in local productive sectors.

  • Protect the environment and reduce the impact of pollution and use of technology.

  • Reinforce and promote technological research on energy.

Area of action

The fund will develop its activities in all the territory of the province of A Coruņa.

Activities of the foundation

The foundation, in order to reach its objectives may develop the following activities:

a. Development of planning and programming studies in order to establish an energy action plan on a provincial level.

b. Provide information to the public about energy in general and training on specific programs dealing with energy optimisation and energy use.

c. Promote activities related to certification and energy diagnose in buildings and industries.

d. Foster the participation of local agents in actions aimed at the rational use of energy.

e. Foster the creation of local agencies on energy.

f. Foster energy savings through the efficient use of resources and the use of clean technologies.

g. Foster the implementation of renewable energy facilities trough research and knowledge and experience transfer.

h. Technological and economic assessment in design and development of studies and investments in facilities and energy infrastructure.

i. Development of as many complementary activities as needed from the abovementioned in order to improve its efficiency.


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